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We help traders like you go from struggling to profitable. We have helped many of our students learn how to make $50K-$100K/mo with trading
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We understand what the two biggest factors to not being profitable are

And that’s where we come in. With our team of professional traders and our in-house trading psychology expert, we teach you how to control your emotions and consistently grow your account.

Trust us…

When we were learning how to trade, we struggled to find quality content that taught us exactly how to succeed. Everyone out there had these complex strategies that didn’t make sense.


To provide traders with a one-stop shop for everything they needed, no matter their experience level


Imagine having a strategy that not only works, but takes away the stress and guesswork from trading...

Wouldn’t that be incredible? Finally being able to trade with ease and getting to live the life you want? Well we have helped many of our students learn how to make $50K-$100K/mo with trading. And you know what? They started exactly where you’re at now.

Foolproof Trading Formula

Our approach to consistently profitable day trading

Our proven strategies
the guess work in trading

Our professional traders have proven strategies and clear rules for you to follow, removing the guesswork in trading. Choose whichever strategy you prefer and receive a step-by-step guide. Plus, access to our traders for any questions you have. How would this impact your trading?

We limit our risk to
of our accounts or
of an options contract

To become a profitable trader, risk management is key. We teach our members how to minimize losses and maximize gains with our strategies. We limit our risk to 1% of our accounts or 10% of an options contract, leading to consistent profits with an average of 30% returns.

Our average loss per contract is
, while our average gain per contract is

Our proven risk management formula has consistently allowed our traders to hold a 3:1 RR with a 58% hit rate. Our average loss per contract is $17.80, while our average gain per contract is $58.83.

You can have
professional traders as your mentors

We provide market walkthrough videos daily, offer trade review by professional traders, and host a weekly roundtable for real-time market analysis. With us, you can have multiple professional traders as your mentors.

Meet our Team of Experts

Ben Zogby

Ben Zogby


Ben Chaffee

Ben Chaffee

Trading Expert

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

Trading Expert

Sage Teixeira

Sage Teixeira

Trading Expert

Sarah Banwart

Sarah Banwart

Trading Psychology Expert

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Zack Abdo

If I could genuinely give a higher rating I would, HighStrike has helped me in many ways. It has helped me go from a beginner in the stock market to knowing the in's and out's of trading. It has helped me develop a better understanding of trading and get to where... Read More

Ciaran Sexton

Highstrike has changed my life significantly for the better, I had always been interested in trading and when i reached out for advice they were fantastic to deal with, and the support I received was unmatched. Their trading school is a wealth of... Read More

Juan Subias

Highstrike is hands down amazing when It comes to helping new/advanced traders grow. Ben is an exceptional trader, mentor, and Discord community leader. His impressive skills in the market amaze, while his guidance empowers members to... Read More

Michael Patane

I am filled with a ton of emotion today as I take a $108 dollars in profit. I am going to share a little bit with you as to how much this means to me. I was homeless living out of my vehicle barely getting by. I can remember my situation was so... Read More

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